• Luftmeister to be present at three trade fairs during autumn
    Luftmeister to be present at three trade fairs during autumn

    The first of these, at the beginning of September, is the
    Frankfurt Energy Efficiency Fair, the professional forum for industrial
    energy management. Energy advisers, planning consultants, and energy
    officers will be able to see how Luftmeister has extended energy
    management to cover the important subjects of ambient air and process
    air, including the measurement of heat flows; analysis and optimisation
    of heat recovery systems; showing evidence of savings; and much else

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  • Interclima Luftmeister
    Luftmeister nominated for French prize for innovation in construction technology

    The prize will be awarded at the “Interclima” trade fair in Paris, 6-10 November 2017.

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  • Flow measurement solution Luftmeister
    Flow measurement solution increases energy efficiency

    At Biotest, Europe's biggest producer of blood plasma, a lot of large air-conditioning units serve a large number of cleanrooms. Luftmeister GmbH has installed nine measuring stations for continual monitoring of the flow of air from outside, so that it is now possible to make sure that there is always enough air flowing into the cleanrooms. At the same time it is also possible to maximise the recycling of air – with considerable savings on heating. 

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  • VDI 2077 Guideline
    Association of German Engineers (VDI) produces draft guideline, VDI 2077 Guideline 4

    Now available after years of preparation: Since January, the VDI 2077 Guideline 4 has been available as a “green paper”, which means that the use of the important medium, ambient air, can now be metered. In many situations it is now obligatory to calculate the costs of air conditioning on the basis of the volume of air used.

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