The standard of Luftmeister GmbH is to offer a suitable measurement solution for the thermal energy recording, air metering and volumetric flow that will ensure a high accuracy in your air-conditioning and process air system.

Luftmeister® Flow rate measuring

Precise measuring of flow rates under practical conditions

Energy metering concept

Precise measuring of flow rates in practical conditions

Hardly any air line has a straight course - elbows, reducers, T-pieces everywhere! This results in the challenge for flow measurement to measure with high accuracy even with short inlet distances and asymmetric flow profiles.

Luftmeister has developed the appropriate probes and transmitters for this practical challenge. Thus, protected by several patents, the measuring principle of the differential pressure pitot tube could be decisively further developed. Depending on the application

  • (for calibration meters or precision measuring systems) ... a high-precision measuring system is set up in the factory and calibrated in Luftmeister's own calibration laboratory.
    calibrated in Luftmeister's own calibration laboratory, which can then be installed ready for measurement.
  • (for all types of air ducts) ... a special selection of probes is installed on site in the air duct and a precise calibration is carried out.
  • (for process air / flue gas) ... a pre-laboratory calibrated probe selection is mounted on site in the duct and an adjustment via the known "k factor" is performed

Luftmeister GmbH has implemented innovative ideas - for high precision flow measurement under practical conditions.

Energy metering concept

Luftmeister invented, developed and established the new product genre "air energy meter" in the market. On this way an own product genre standard (DIN 94701), a completely new measuring concept (the combination of air mass flow and enthalpy for thermal power and energy determination) and a variety of application possibilities (see "Luftmeister solutions") were created.