Air volume measurements

In many situations, it is necessary to measure the volume flow in air ducts or at air outlets:

  • To check whether a technically required or promised volume flow is actually delivered.
  • At the same time, to ensure that this volume flow is not set too high (energy efficiency!).

If such a measured value recording is not realized continuously, but at a certain point in time, combined with a precise and standard-compliant documentation, it is called "air volume measurement". Luftmeister is able to record almost every air duct or air outlet with an air volume measurement. In the case of air ducts, a large number of "network measurement points" are usually recorded - depending on the accuracy requirements and local conditions - based on the DIN ISO 12599 standard and other patented methods.

For air outlets, we work with volume flow measuring hoods from the leading measuring instrument manufacturers. The decisive factor is that we only use the best trained personnel for this measuring task, because the quality of the measurement is determined by the reliability of professional methods: