Air volume flow measurement solutions for industry

For a variety of reasons, air volume flows must be monitored in industry:

  • The supply to a zone (e.g., a clean room) must have a minimum air exchange rate
  • An Ex zone or a polluted zone must have a verifiable exhaust air volume flow to avoid dangerous substance accumulation
  • An exhaust system must have a minimum flow rate to function properly
  • A minimum outside air volume flow rate must be ensured
  • etc.

In general, it is therefore necessary to ensure a minimum volume flow. At the same time, there is "too much" volume flow in each of these applications - too high consumption and waste would be the result.

Luftmeister solutions - always tailor-made: Luftmeister GmbH has proven in over 300 implemented projects that (almost) every air duct can be equipped with a suitable flow measuring point. We benefit from our special, patented sensor technology and calibration (see Technology) as well as from our wide range of probes and evaluation options. Thus, even measuring points with short inlet distances, very small pipes with a diameter of 20 mm or round / rectangular air ducts with smaller or even very large (up to 4x4 meters) cross-sections can be equipped as required - for clean or polluted air, at room temperature or even up to 600 C. At the same time, high-precision measuring solutions with laboratory calibration are available if it is necessary for certain measuring solutions such as burner air mass flow or for research and development purposes to record the volume or mass flow with high precision using precision measuring sections.

We will be happy to find the right solution for your application - you will find our corresponding data under contact.