Consumption meter for air conditioning air

For decades, all relevant media consumption has been recorded and billed on the basis of calibration-approved meters: this applies to water, heat, gas, electricity and other media. One of the most expensive media, air-conditioning air - processed air from air-conditioning and ventilation systems - on the other hand, had no calibration quantity, no measuring system and no calibration approval until recently. The emergency solution was: equal costs per square meter (area key).

Air-conditioning air consumption now recordable: Luftmeister has also made the costly medium "air-conditioning air" recordable in terms of consumption with its world innovation "air energy meter". A new calibration standard ("air energy"), a product and test standard (DIN 94701), a guideline (VDI 2077 4), which elevated the air energy meters to the state of the art and specifies how the consumption values are to be used for billing, were created. And last but not least, Luftmeister received (already at the beginning of 2 020) the necessary calibration approval.

Measurement method: The graph shows how, on the basis of flow measurements (volume flow, mass flow) and enthalpy measurements (heat content of the outside air and the respective supply air), the three consumption values per zone are generated: m3 air consumption, kWh air-side heat supply and kWh air-side cold supply. At the same time, all relevant parameters characterizing the air supply are recorded ("air supply monitoring"): Temperature, humidity and volume flow.

The benefits are manifold:

  • Consumption-based billing and the transparency from air delivery monitoring bring tangible savings incentives.
  • In many cases, the number of central air handling units can be reduced - resulting in considerable savings in investment and operating costs.
  • In the case of sustainability certifications or ESG ratings, these savings-oriented meters bring advantage points
  • The changing leasable areas during the life cycle of the building can be anticipated - without continuous reconstruction of the air ducts
  • In case of vacancies, the owner only bears the AHU costs according to his (then reduced) actual consumption, not (unfairly exaggerated) according to the vacancy space share

The technical equipment: An EZ 55 air energy meter is installed in the respective supply air line of each consumption zone / rental zone, with the cross-sectional dimensions of this supply air line. As the photo shows, these measuring sections can be round or rectangular, between DN 80 and DN 1250. High-precision calibration and adjustment is carried out in the Luftmeister volume flow calibration laboratory. The installation on the air side is usually carried out by the plant builder, while Luftmeister technicians check all calibration conditions on site, connect the cables laid on site and carry out the calibration commissioning.

The following short film shows the idea in compact form. The film was created on the occasion of our first prize at the Environmental Technology Award Baden-Württemberg 2019.

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Do you have a specific project and need a quote? Please provide us with the following information request data:

  • Project name / location
  • Number and cross-sectional dimensions of the meters (1x per supply air duct)
  • Number of central air handling units involved
  • Expected quarter/year of installation