Flow measurement solution Luftmeister

Flow measurement solution increases energy efficiency

At Biotest, Europe's biggest producer of blood plasma, a lot of large air-conditioning units serve a large number of cleanrooms. Luftmeister GmbH has installed nine measuring stations for continual monitoring of the flow of air from outside, so that it is now possible to make sure that there is always enough air flowing into the cleanrooms. At the same time it is also possible to maximise the recycling of air – with considerable savings on heating. 

Great precision in practice: In spite of very short intakes and large cross-sections, Luftmeister GmbH has succeeded in obtaining highly accurate measurements. Thanks to specialised dynamic pressure meters, the calculation of an average over a cross-section, a network of many measuring points, and – last but not least – the precise measuring transmitter Luftmeister VS 34, the Luftmeister GmbH team was able to create a stable and highly precise measurement solution.

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