VDI 2077 Guideline

Association of German Engineers (VDI) produces draft guideline, VDI 2077 Guideline 4

Now available after years of preparation: Since January, the VDI 2077 Guideline 4 has been available as a “green paper”, which means that the use of the important medium, ambient air, can now be metered. In many situations it is now obligatory to calculate the costs of air conditioning on the basis of the volume of air used.

With the “air meter” the Luftmeister provides a highly precise measurement of the amount of air used (in m³). The “air energy meter” goes one step further. Besides measuring the volume of air used, the first meter of this kind in the world also tracks how the air conditioning (cooling, heating, humidifying and dehumidifying) is distributed between various users. This is not only fair and
just in relation to actual usage, it also gives the user an incentive to make savings and a way of checking whether they are getting the correct amount of air at the right temperature and humidity in accordance with the contract.

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