Volumetric flow

Today, in dealing with air conditioning and process air, continuous measuring of volumetric flow rates is often neglected. It often happens so that after acceptance of a plant the volumetric flow measurement is no longer recorded, much less in partial sections of the plant.

However, the continuous flow measurement data can be of high importance - especially if you ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are critical zones / consumers sufficiently supplied with air? Is the air exchange good enough?
  • Is the air-circulation conditioning system controlled so that, for energy reasons, the outdoor air share is as little as possible and the circulated air share is as large as possible?
  • Is the balance between the inlet and exhaust air OK in the building or in a part of the building?
  • Is the exhaust air (e.g. in a laboratory) removed to a sufficient extent?

For these and many other applications, Luftmeister GmbH offers appropriate conditioning-air and process-air measurement solutions:

 suitable differential pressure transducers

 suitable transmitters (flow or air energy)

 laboratory-calibrated flow measuring lines (with or without temperature compensation)

 on-site calibration of the volumetric flow

We would also like to offer you our installation, adjustment and commissioning services on site - a reliable service package from a single source.