The standard of Luftmeister GmbH is to offer a suitable measurement solution for the thermal energy recording, air metering and volumetric flow that will ensure a high accuracy in your air-conditioning and process air system.

Luftmeister® Flow rate measuring

Precise measuring of flow rates under practical conditions

Energy metering concept

Precise measuring of flow rates in practical conditions

You can hardly find any completely straight air pipeline. Almost all lines have elbows, reducers or T-pieces somewhere. In such situations, high accuracy of measuring flow rates in short inlet sections and asymmetric flow profiles sometimes becomes a real challenge.

To meet this challenge, Luftmeister GmbH has implemented its innovative ideas how to precisely measure flow rates under practical conditions.

Energy metering concept

Air treatment is expensive! Especially air cooling requires much time and energy. It is often much more expensive than heating or air circulating with a fan. In energy management and billing, it is thus important to know how much energy an individual user has spent for cooling and how much for heating.

The “air energy meter” from Luftmeister can distinguish between these two types of energy - with an innovative, patented technology.